Social Events

Social events form a core part of Edinburgh Universities’ Royal Naval Unit.

Major social events occur throughout the year, starting with the famous Trafalgar Night dinner - celebrating the Royal Navy’s most famous victory and the immortal memory of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. We also celebrate Burns Night in January and at the end of the year have a dining out for those students that are leaving the unit.

Christmas Social 2016

The jumper game at the Christmas Social was strong

Throughout the year we also have a range of organised social events, with the most notable being the annual halloween and christmas parties - nights enjoyed by all!

On a weekly basis, after classes and lessons on a Wednesday, it is not uncommon for us to be found at the bar catching up, discussing what we’ve learned or making plans for the weekend and week ahead! From here it’s often on into town!

Without a doubt - whether a formal dinner celebrating the Navy’s proud and illustrious history, or a few drinks at the bar after classes - the social aspect of the unit helps to form a strong sense of community and helps to reinforce the friendships and teamwork that are key to the unit’s success.