The Unit

The original and best URNU

Archer 30

The Unit and ships company gathered for HMS ARCHER’s 30th birthday

About us

We were the first of the 15 URNUs formed in 1967 originally in Aberdeen. The Aberdeen unit moved to Edinburgh in the summer of 2012. We recruit from all Edinburgh universities and have students from Edinburgh University, Napier, Heriot-Watt and Queen Margaret’s. The aim of EURNU is to provide undergraduates a taste of life at sea, oppourtunites to travel and the chance of character development associated with taking responsibility within a disciplined environment. By doing this, EURNU exposes a wide section of our potential future leaders, senior civil servants, politicians etc. to the role, requirements for and benefits the Royal Navy. We also raise the profile of the Navy in both our local area and in the places that the ‘real’ Navy never reach.

Thought not specifically as a recruiting organisation, many of our past members, and a number of our current students are at various stages of the application process.

Some of the things we do